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Molly Bouchard Leonard

Molly Bouchard Leonard

Associate kitchen and bath designer

Phone - 207-768-5022
Fax - (207) 768-5017


To whom it may concern,

When people upset or disappoint you, most people are quick to complain. However, I feel if someone has done an outstanding job they should be acknowledged for their good work.

I used your kitchen designer Lisa Plourde to create a kitchen, dining room and bathroom for me. I had a very difficult kitchen layout due to the fact that there was a chimney in one wall that made it almost impossible to design around. To make matters worse, I am in Florida for the winter and would not be around to work with Lisa.

I just wanted to let you know what a great employee you have in Lisa Plourde. She did a fabulous job designing the kitchen, I absolutely love it. The house is old and had all kinds of quirky issues, but Lisa met each challenge head on and dealt with it.

Even though I was in Florida, Lisa always kept me informed by phone, e-mail and pictures. At all times I knew where we were on the project. She always showed the pros and cons to all decisions I had to make and made the decisions easier. I also liked the fact that when I chose something different, she did not pout or act put out with me, her professionalism always came through.

One last point I would like to make is that Lisa worked well with all the contractors, the carpenters, electricians, and plumber. She orchestrated the whole plan and they all knew what to do, right down to the last inch.

As I said in the beginning of this letter, Rathbuns has a very valuable and professional employee in Lisa Plourde. I just felt you should know that because of her, I am one happy customer.

Thank you,
Birdena P.